Monday, January 17, 2011


By Sarah Wayland

That’s really me 2006
My image, your fix
Desire reciprocal
Consumed by your tricks

Gotta find fault
Why it isn’t meant to be
You’re getting a little
Too close to me

Tell me your secrets
Mine don’t come for free
Only find refuge
When you leave me be

Breath in every word
You say page by page
To everyone you know
Day after day

Doesn’t mean admiration
Is coming your way
My actions will never
Match what I say

Crucify you
For the sins I commit
Convincing you and myself
We aren’t a good fit

Aggressively deny you
Of feeling and thoughts
Passively shun you
Feel worthless you ought

Deliver you evil
My last sleight of hand
Bent on destruction
Bed of fire to land

Do away with you
Yet tenaciously follow
A tribute of hatred
One more lie - swallow