Featured Author

Dakota Loesch

Dakota Loesch was born October 27th, 1987. So yeah... a Scorpio. He currently couch-surfs the greater Chicagoland area. He's got a chapbook out, "i wish we could kiss like big dogs." Shoot an email to keatonvschaplin@aim.com for ordering info. His feature length script, "the late great otis grey." is currently in pre-production.

Q: Why are you a writer? When did you become interested in writing?

I've always been hooked, I can't explain why. But it started young. I wrote my first story at 3 years old. It was a train heist picture-book called "Horse Sheriff Mister" that I drew. My mom wrote down the text that I dictated. And I kinda never stopped after that.

Q: What authors have influenced you most? Why? 
I'm most influenced by Directors and their work, be it films or screenplays... Peter Bogdanovich, Agnes Varda, hometown hero Joe Swanberg. And I dig fucking with screenplay format, chopping it up and applying it to other mediums.

Q: What should Literature (with a capital "L") do? What is its function in society?

Q: How does Chicago influence your writing?
Chicago is everything to me. It's my home. I'll kill for this city. I'll lose blood, sweat, piss, tears... every bodily fluid I got for this city. It's all in there, in the stories, in every sentence.