Former Contributors

Pete Michael Smith

Pete is our first featured writer at Scribasaurus. His story "It Starts With An Onion" can be read here. We're proud to feature such a playful and clever piece of work. Read his Q&A here.

Pete Michael Smith drinks a pot of coffee every day and is intent on becoming a real person. His fictions and poetry have appeared in and around the internet and also in select print journals. By day, he slices fine meats and cheeses and by night, he writes. He blogs irregularly at

George T. Mormann

George is the second featured author of this doomed experiment of a blog. His story "Incandescence" can be read here.  George also blogs regularly at Steel & Stone. Check it out. His Q&A is available here.

Bio: George T. Mormann is a Chicago born writer of comedy and fiction. This means that half of the time, he makes people laugh, and the other half of the time, he makes them feel bad about themselves and causes them to suffer an existential crisis.

Kieran Neal

Here is, in my humble opinion, a talented young writer with a real knack for vivid, confrontational imagery. Kieran blogs regularly at Today is Floating Away. His Q&A is available here. When I asked him to work up a short bio for this page, Kieran wrote this about himself:

I began writing poetry after reading Howl, by Allen GinsbergI write stream of consciousness when my thoughts pour from my head in the early morning.  I hate sleep but I can't wake up, and I grew up on an islands surrounded by cornfields in northern Indiana.

Tasha Cotter 

Tasha Cotter is a poet and novelist based in Chicago. Her work has recently appeared in or is forthcoming in Contrary Magazine, Confrontation, and Salt Hill. To read more of her work please visit her website at Her Q&A is available here.

Adam Madison 

Adam Madison is a Chicago writer and photographer. He creates works of suspense and has his own brand of (N)erotic literature. His stories rarely have happy endings and may leave you questioning the value of human existence. His Q and A is available here.

More of his work is available at